Streamfeeder Modular Collator base

The Streamfeeder Modular Collator Base is designed to be a flexible and innovative solution to even the most challenging applications.

Completely configurable for your application with right to left, left to right, or optional dual-direction operation. Easily expandable with optional Middle Sections that can be added as system requirements expand.

The Streamfeeder Modular Collator Base is easy to learn and simple to operate, resulting in increased productivity.

applicationS: (click to view video)

Streamfeeder As part of a Streamfeeder Universal Collator System

Streamfeeder Stand-alone applications

technical data  
Maximum Product Size: 18 W x 12 L in (457 x 304 mm)

Minimum Product Size:

3 W x 3 L in (76 x 76 mm)
Speed: 0-2160 in/min (54,864 mm/min)
Conveyor Length: 11 ft (3352 mm)
Conveyor Height: Adj. Max. 38 in (965 mm) Min. 34 in (864 mm)
Side Guide Height: 2 in (51 mm)
Lug Width/Height: 1 in (25.4 mm)/1.875 in (47.6 mm)
Lug Spacing: 18 in (457 mm)
Electrical Requirements: 115/230vac, 50/60Hz, 15A
Weight: 600 lbs. (272kg)
















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