Streamfeeder Streamline V4

The Streamfeeder StreamLine V4 is ideal for reducing manual labor for kit fulfillment and product literature collating. Use as a stand-alone gatherer or roll it up to your Streamfeeder automatic L-sealer for increased automated productivity.

Included are four Streamfeeder feeders/dispensers to reliably separate, singulate, and deliver a wide variety of product types and sizes to the Streamfeeder collator base.

applicationS: (click to view video)

Streamfeeder Kit fulfillment

Streamfeeder Collating product literature
technical data  
Maximum Product Size: 10 W x 12 L in (25.4 x 30.48 cm)
Minimum Product Size: 4 W x 4 L in (10.16 x10.16 cm)
Min/Max Product Thickness: .003-.250 in (.0076-.635 cm)
Maximum Package Thickness: 1.875 in (4.76 cm)

Up to 100 pieces/minute

Electrical Requirements: (2) 115vac, 20A
Weight: 560 lbs. (252.2 kg)

















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